A truly unique marketing opportunity

Increase brand presence and customer loyalty by engaging with your audience in an entertaining and memorable way.

Create a brand experience that resonates and connects with your target audience. By partnering with RPPI, your business will benefit from a three-month (October-December), multi-channel marketing and promotion campaign, valued at over $1,000,000.

While your company will have prominent brand integration on all marketing-related materials, the real benefits come from the in-show commercials, where each of our sponsors are featured in a recorded video, played onstage during the 40 performances of the live show.

In-show commercials highlights:
  • Filmed at your place of business
  • Fully developed by RPPI creatives in collaboration with your marketing team
  • Features the show’s onstage actors
Sponsorship opportunities also include:
  • Brand presence on all paid advertising (radio, billboards, subway door cards, newspaper, posters, and online)
  • Half-page color ad placement in theatre program
  • Flexibility to integrate any existing marketing or corporate initiatives
  • And more…

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    Our Past Sponsors

    “These family-friendly musicals have provided a positive alignment for the LOWE’S brand with our target consumer.”

    Alan Huggins
    President, Lowe’s Canada


    “CIBC was proud to have been your Presenting Sponsor for the past three years and we continue to look forward to hosting our clients at your holiday shows.”

    Victor Dodig
    President and Chief Executive Officer, CIBC


    “We were delighted with the Video Commercial you created, which was a fun-loving spot that captured the essence of the Sleep County brand.”

    Christine Magee
    Co-Founder and Chair, Sleep Country Canada