“After 22 years a Christmas Carol is Ross Petty’s best yet!”

- Tom Hayes, Global TV

“One of the funniest shows this year. A must-see for the entire family!”

-Taylor Kaye, CHUM-FM

“I’m not sure who laughed more….me, my 8 year old or grandma at A Christmas Carol. The beauty of the hilarity is that we were all laughing at different things, and sometimes just laughing at each other laughing!”

The dancers have a manic level of buzzing, high energy kicking and pirouetting with radiant holiday spirit. Tracey Flye’s impressive choreography is a highlight!

-Taylor Long,

“A fantastic, fun family night out!”

-Christine Cardoso, CHFI

“Triple threat talent: AJ Bridel rocks with her vocal acrobatics and charm. Dan Chameroy’s Plumbum is a perennial standout!”

-Carly Maga, Toronto Star

Fan Reviews

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"Packed with pizzazz, showing off their smarts and oozing talent, charm and fun…..this charismatic band of players give a thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable performance for kids and adults alike. Hurry up and make Ross Petty’s panto your yearly holiday tradition!"

- Julie Nesrallah/CBC Radio

"A Christmas Carol is for anyone who has long reveled in Ross Petty’s wildly warped Pantos, where the music comes from pop charts and where some of the most fun is generated by parody video “commercials” of the show’s sponsors. There’s more than a fair share of adult jokes that zip over the heads of the youngsters, who would rather boo or cheer or dance in their seats."

- Keith Garebian/Stage and Page

"One should expect good family entertainment, an opportunity for the youngsters to exercise their vocal cords with some booing, and some silly, guilt-free laughs for the adults. That’s what A Christmas Carol provides. Dan Chameroy as Plumbum tapped into a zany rant that brought forth streaming tears of laughter. It’s a goofy show. Audiences can Boo. The fourth wall is not only down, it’s kicked solidly to the curb!"

- Ron Johnson/Post City Magazine

"A Christmas Carol has a great script and fun choreography. I laughed over and over again. Great voices and a fun villain too. Reign on Plumbum! Go see A Christmas Carol!"

- Kurt Browning

"The show was fantastic! Full of good laughs, vocals were amazing, choreography was the best I've seen, especially the Thriller number! Also really great costume designs. I could not stop smiling throughout the entire show. My 8 year old son loved it! Since Sleeping Beauty last year, a Ross Petty production has now become a family tradition for us."

- Alisha Coroa

"What an entertaining show! Children and adults alike will have a fun time. Pay attention as the jokes and asides are flying at a fast rate. And laughter is so good for the soul. The singing and choreography are fantastic, as are the costumes and sets. You really must find time in your busy holiday schedule to see this show before its last show on December 31."

- Jeanne Craig

"Such an amazing show!!! Witty and just a perfect performance for all. My 5 year old and myself attended a afternoon show and just love it. I can not say enough positive things about this show....GO SEE IT!!!"

- Barbera A McDowell

"This show I highly recommend. The story is wonderful. The cast is incredibly talented. Plum bum is a scream. Kids will live it too. It is hilarious and extremely audience interactive. A great outing for the entire family. We loved it! Two thumbs up❤️?"

- Bryan Uttley

"AJ Bridel showcased that amazing set of pipes of hers. The whole cast was pretty amazing actually and a pretty fun take on the original show! Well done everyone!"

- Kim Cregan

"Awesome. My wife and I attended. It was hilarious. Music dancing actors were excellent. Great story line. Loved the humour. Lots and lots of laughs. Well done. 5 stars. Would recommend this to all my family and friends."

- Michael Buechler

"A wonderful Pantomime production for the whole family. You won’t be disappointed!"

- Susan Ager

"The return of Dan Chameroy's Plumbum to the annual Ross Petty extravaganza, brings this tale to life and to a level of non-stop laughter!"

- Sam Festino

"Fantastic!! These shows are a dad and daughter tradition and we can’t wait for next year!!"

- Steve Dixon

"We go to these shows every year! They're always hilariously amazing!! :)"

- Linsay Dawson

My twin girls attended your production on Dec.7 with their grade 7 English class from ESC Renaissance in Aurora and truly loved your production..they have not stopped talking about it especially the ghost of Christmas past and the part of unlocking the cell funny!! This was their first theatre experience and can't wait for their the point where they want to come back to see your production again!!! Congrats on a job well done!!

- Unknown

“So much high energy and chemistry in the cast! It will have you smiling from ear to ear throughout the whole production!”

- Jessica Phit

"So much fun for children and adults"

- Valérie Bolduc

- Deborah MacDonald